Installation error - UiPath Studio Setup has encoutered an error

hello there
after formating my laptop i wanted to reinstall the program but it still give me this error

Hi @Abdel_latif_Battah

Could you maybe share the log file?

Of course
MSI465f.LOG - Google Drive

Thank you. Could you double check if nothing is blocking your access to this location:

The logs indicate an issue around that.

No nothing blocked :frowning:

it is weird actually I managed to get a bit older version 21.4.4 I downloaded in the past and it worked just fine! until it is updated automatically to the newer version, maybe the newer version has some problem idk!

Could you maybe try running the installer as an administrator?

yes that’s the first thing I would do with any installer, and that would be the second weird thing as you can see there is no option to do it

but on the older version, it’s there

maybe it’s the .msi thing instead of .exe?

Indeed, my bad.

Could you still maybe verify that you don’t have any software / policies that would sandbox the installer, preventing it from writing into this location?

nope nothing preventing it :frowning: it’s a fresh windows install

ok as i expected it was about the ( .msi ) extension
so here is the solution

fire up the Registry Editor by pressing Windows + R and typing “regedit” into the Run dialog.

Once it appears, locate this key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Msi.Package\shell

Then, add a new key under shell and rename it runas . Edit the “(Default)” parameter of runas and type in Run as &administrator .

Now, create a new key under runas called command and change its “(Default)” parameter to contain msiexec /i "%1" .

And you’re done! When you right-click a Windows Installer executable, you’ll now see the “Run as administrator” option.


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