Installation Error- Action Center


“.NET ASP ISS module is required” error is coming. I have followed Uipath doc and installed .Net_sdk_3.1 but still same error.

Can anyone suggest why this is happening, or do I need to install anything. SS attached

Hi @shrayud ,
Could you please make sure that IIS is enabled on the server where you are trying to install Action center. You also need to ensure that features and appropriate server roles are enabled. Please follow the instructions given here in prerequisites. there are other missing components like URL rewrite module etc.

You don’t require to install .net core sdk. Its sufficient to install .net core hosting bundle as mentioned in the link provided above. Here is the download link for your reference.

Hi @shrayud , were you able to complete Action Center installation as per the above hints ?

Hi Liji,

No the solution is not working. But I dont need action center as of now. Thanks :slight_smile: