Install upgrade 18.4 error occurred during uninstall

An error occurred during UiPath Orchestrator v18.2.6 uninstall. You can find the error in the uninstall log file in %TEMP% folder.

i go to %TEMP% and no revealing logs indicating the exact issue … i do get some sql errors in event viewer but i have resolved them , I am unable to uninstall uipath 18.2.6 and not sure if I actually want to uninstall it (fearing it may cause a bigger problem)

any ideas on how to resolve?

facing the same issue here… any news?

Hi @TAFS_TAFS @binaer

It is very difficult to tell without having proper context. Have you tried contacting our technical support? They take care of difficult issues on the daily and would surely be able to provide more insight here :slight_smile:

They take care of difficult issues on the daily and would surely be able to provide more insight here

did you actually make this experience? There are not many cases where UiPath Support was able to actually really support me (in time…).

The solution was to completely uninstall the Orchestrator and its related components and start a fresh installation.
Take care of your data and SQL databases.

No answer from UiPath support yet at all :wink:

for us, the solution was uninstall UiPath Studio first
– sometimes , even this fails - we had to move backup copies of the Orchestrator website (file system) to their factory default locations (c:\program files (x86) …) and uninstall studio - then we renamed the site in IIS and the installer gave ‘install’ option instead of ‘upgrade’

we installed orchestrator first and studio 2nd , but on a fresh “upgrade” (existing orch pre-installed) I would do the following :

  1. From Control Panel \ Programs and Features → Uninstall UiPath Studio

  2. Open IIS → Rename the site (append the word “backup” or something)

  3. Run the combined UiPathPlatformInstaller and install Orchestrator , followed by Studio


the error dialog , shown in the screenshot , leads the user to believe that the context you seek is output in a log file somewhere in the %TEMP% folder (so it claims).

I share your praise for UiPath support - they are great! I had submitted a ticket, but we quickly closed it as I’d found a proper sequence to get 18.4.2 installed … It really isn’t a support issue (it could’ve gone on for an hour with UiPath troubleshooting in a remote session flipping the same switches) - they need to patch up these bugs in the installer - because nothing causes more panic than an extended service outage , on what was meant to be routine maintenance …

that said , i like the look and feel of the new platform installer , its shecksy

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