Install Tesseract Language on Unattended Robot Machine


I am using a german language pack for the tesseract OCR. Now I want to deploy this robot to a standalone machine with a separate user account. On this PC, only Assistant is installed - no Studio.

Is the german language packing automatically embedded in the published robot? Or how do I add this language to the robot since the folders where “tessdata” should be located are not available.

Thank you in advance.


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Hey @BennyS

I think Tesseract has already the German language support.

You can just use engine with language mentioned which should help.


Hello @BennyS ,

Can that be created as a separate package along with tessdata and addit in the UiPath flow. I hope then if you run with robot it can translate as the tessdata is bundled.

Hello @ppr
I know how to install the package on my development machine. I have put the language pack in tessdata in .nuget/packages/…
However, this folder is not existing on the unattended robot machine and I was wondering, if this language pack will be automatically packaged if the robot is uploaded to Orch or if I have to put the language file in a specific location on the unattended robot machine.

we would assume a manually rollout so far

What do you mean by that?