Install Studio & Connect to Orchestrator -> which eMail to Use?


with newest version of Studio, when installing it, we are supposed to connect it to Orchestrator.
For that reason we need to use an eMail address.
I am developing robots for different clients, also many robots on different servers for the same client.

My question is, which eMail address are we supposed to use when connecting Studio to Orchestrator:

  • other.

Thx for suggestions.

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Hello @VanjaV

Are you using the enterprise edition?


Community Edition

So how you are connecting to different robots using commmunity edition?

Usage of email addresses totally depends on yoou. There is no constraints to use any particular email id.


It is not about constraints. It is about good practice.

Hi @VanjaV

Though you are using community edition to develop process for clients. clients need to have enterprise license for the production use.

In most scenarios we use our corporate email id (ex. to login into enterprise studio version.

I don’t want my robot mailbox to be filled with UiPath product related emails. so β€˜’ is out. I only use this email for process related Inputs and Outputs

In your case you are using community version studio, so I assume you will publish the package to local folder or community orchestrator and from there you will download the package manually. then do the deployment in client environment.

There is no best practice in terms of using community version for client process development. so, the options are below

  1. If allowed by the company, then use your corporate personal email id

  2. Use β€˜’ if you are the only developer in the company. otherwise, if multiple developers use same id, then we encounter licensing issue.

  3. If option 1 and option 2 are not possible then proceed with
    Other personal email id (ex.


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