Install robot tray on a Citrix server for users to run bots from it?

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Is it possible to instead of installing the robot tray on our end users local machine, can we Install robot tray on a Citrix server for users to run bots from it?

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yah ofcourse
we can install in that citrix server and create a robot in a orchestrator for that machine
so that if your users are given access to that orchestrator they can run the bot from there so that it will execute in citrix server

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@Palaniyappan oh wow, that’s great.

To confirm, we usually have around 30 users on one Citrix server, your saying we can install the robot tray on that server like any other normal application virtualisation and then promote that to all users on that server? Those users can then run the bot processes configured against that bot tray from orchestrator? Will it only automate other Citrix applications only or will it do local applications aswell?

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yes if all users accessing at time then the robot must be configured as HIGH DENSITY robot for more user, else one user only can use at a time

and yes if the process is ran in that machine only the application in that machine will be used
but if we are trying to access other machines being from the citrix server with the help of REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION and accessing local or any other systems application then its possible

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Thank you mate. This is great!!! Is it as simple as us installing the bot tray as normal on the Citrix server like other virtualised applications, then promote it to all users? Then they can run bot processes that configured against that bot tray from orchestrator?


Kindly have a view on this prerequisites that would help you on this

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Thank you. To confirm another item, if users run a bot from the bot tray that’s running from a Citrix server, can that bot only automate other Citrix applications? Or can it automate applications installed locally on that users PC?

its based on the process developed buddy
if the process developed is made in such a way like from CITRIX environment if we are using REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION and connecting to our local machine or any other machine and then accessing its applicaton then its possible to access other machine application


if we have not used any sequence of activities accessing REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION wizard then only the applications in citrix will be used while executing

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Hmmm ok. Do you have to use remote desktop connection to connect to applications on the local machine?

Yah as the ROBOT is now installed in CITRIX server…it will find its own machine as local and other machines (even our local as citrix…) its like vice versa…
so if we want the robot in citrix to access our application then we need to integrate them with a connection

or if we can install all the application that we have in local machine inside the citrix server as well


Hmmm ok. Interesting, is RDP connection the only way to do this? And, would I have to develop the bot from the Citrix server itself?

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? @Palaniyappan

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Fine let’s take a scenario
If we have installed a studio and robot in our local machine
And a ROBOT alone in your Citrix environment
And from being in our local system if we are doing a workflow and try to access the critix application WE NEED TO CONNECT TO THAT MACHINE RIGHT via RDP
Only then we will be able to access the application elements in Citrix that too will be a image based automation unless we have Citrix extension installed

This applies the same in vice versa,

Of if it’s like we have both studio and robot installed in Citrix environment then we will be able to develop directly from Being in Citrix server itself as it has its own studio and robot
And if we want we can run that robot by connecting it to orchestrator, from being in our local machine

Cheers @rohangroombridge