Install Packages to Assistant from Marketplace

I am connected to the Orchestrator on my UiPath Assistant.
When I click on Marketplace Install on Assistant it just opens the application and nothing happens. I don’t see the package on the tray. Also when i download the .nupkg package i don’t know how the hell should I add it to Assistant, I put it on packages path but nothing appears.

Why it has to be so confusing and annoying ?

i think you need to sign out of assistant to see it after putting it in packages folder. If you want to see it after logging into orchestrator, you need to upload it to orchestrator

Thank you.
How to upload it to orchestrator ?

  1. tenant → package → upload

  2. go to folder - > processes → add process

  3. select uploaded package and next

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@hurmet.noka first you need Create your machine in uipath orchestrator and with your machine name after that you need to publish your code as an NUPKG file after that you need to upload that package in Orchestrator Then create process and trigger your job then Go to your Robot means Uipath Assistant then Copy your machine key from the or.chestrator and copy to assistant Then sign in and refresh then run your bot through Assistant

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