I am unable to download packages(Microsft365).Please any one Guide Me.


Hi @vr10

As per UiPath’s official notification, this package version requires Studio 21.10 or higher. On lower versions, some functionality may be missing, or unexpected behaviors may occur.

Hope you’re using the updated studio version.

Best Regards.

Hi @vr10

What is the studio version in your machine? This package required 21.10 or higher version


I am using 2020.2.0 is it possible to download in this version



Since you are using a version lesser than 21.10, you might not be able to use the specified package. Consider upgrading Studio to the latest version.

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You need Higher version to install the package? So you can try to upgrade the UiPath Studio version and check it.

Download the Community MSI Version 2023.4.0 :


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You could try Installing a previous version of the package - but you would have to go back to the package version of 1.11.1 before Studio 21.10 is required.

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