Install package on Robot *without* executing?

I deployed a process to Orchestrator and set it as the “current” version. If I run the Job, the process/package will be installed in the robot machine’s %appdata% folder. Is there any way to install the package without running the job?

I would like to install it locally on the robot, then swap out the custom config.xlsx file I have created to point it to the correct Environment, and then run the job. Is this possible?

As far as installing the package on the robot machine goes, you can do this by downloading from UiPath Assistant installed on your proposed robot machine.

Thanks RPAForEveryone! I reviewed the video about UIPath Assistant and have one more question. Apparently UIPath Assistant replaces “UIPath Robot” on the machine where it is installed. Is there any functionality lost by doing this? I’m concerned that I’ll install UIPath Assistant and then find out that I’m unable to perform some function that I used to perform via the UIPath Robot tray item. Thanks!

Hi Mark,
UiPath Assistant is an advanced version of UiPath Robot. Please see this explanation on the topic: (Expand for clarity)



Thanks for the info and the link; all makes sense now.

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