Install orchestrator inside Citrix

the Robots will be installed in High-Density mode, in a server inside Citrix.
The Security team required to install also the Orchestrator inside Citrix. So the DB (MSSQL and ElasticSearch) will be outside and connected by opening the required ports to the orchestrator.

as shown in the attached image, the black line will divide the In-Citrix <–>Out-Citrix

my questions:
Is it possible to have the orchestrator inside Citrix? What about the Licenses of robots, will be lost after any cleanup or restart operation of Citrix Servers?
what about the API’s of Orchestrator, can be used in this case from outside Citrix?
for future integration with iOCR, should I install it also in the Citrix where the orchistrator lives?
Does the orchestrator keep/save any files locally, since our security policy will reset (cleanup) the systems, and remove any saved local files?