Install error Trojan mcafee


I have an issue with the last uipathplatform.msi my anti-virus said that there is a Trojan inside the installer :confused:

The thing is there is no way that I can turn off the anti-virus (security matters).
So is it possible to have a clean install package ?

Many thanks


Are you able to open your Anti-Virus and go to the Quarantine or Exceptions List?

If you can add it to the Exceptions List then you should be good to try installing it.

If the Install file is in the Quarantine, try Restoring it, then try again. If it still removes it then Quarantine it first by Adding it to the list, then Restore, and try again.

If the above tips don’t help, then you might get assistance from your local Desktop/Help Support or a Network Administrator.

I believe there’s also a longer way to get the install package from UiPath directly if none of the above resolves the issue. For me, though, just Restoring it from Quarantine seemed to work.



Thanks for you reply.
No I cannot change the Quarantine or Exceptions List and there is no way that our Network Administrator authorized this can of authorization. (Specially If I tell him, can you authorize an installer with a Trojan lol)
But generally speaking I think the problem is that there is something wrong in the UIPATH MSI 2017 installation no ?
So the problem might be not the anti-virus but the MSI UIPATH 2017 because the Uipath 2016.2 installation MSI works fine with the anti-virus.


Yeah, it’s sometimes a challenge dealing with Network Admins.
Here is the help desk for UiPath which might be able to assist in the installation.


Ok thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas. Don’t worry, the package has no viruses or trojans, thats a false positive. We are working with McAfee to solve this issue.
Can you tell me if there is a specific file thats taged as infected or the whole msi?