Install Edge Legacy And Edge Chromium Side By Side

How to install Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium side by side in the same machine ?

Edge Chromium hides Edge Legacy, but there is an option to install it side by side. If Edge Chromium and Edge Legacy is required side by side in the same machine then before installing Edge Chromium, add this registry value:

  1. Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate
  2. Value Name: Allowsxs
  3. Value Type: REG_DWORD
  4. Value: 1

SetupExtensions and UiAutomation (including Driver) will still consider only Edge Chromium. There is an option to force using Edge Legacy when it’s installed side by side. Set an environment variable UIPATH_FORCE_EDGE_LEGACY to 1.

Note :

  • value: 0 or 1 (default zero)

If 1 then all operations with the Edge browser are done with Edge Legacy, even if Edge Chromium is installed since by default Edge Chromium hides Edge Legacy.

Warning: Be aware that starting v2021.10 Microsoft Edge Legacy is out of support. For more details, check Extension For Microsoft Edge Legacy .