📷 Instagram Graph API Activities - Automate your INSTAGRAM Account

Now, you can easily automate your Instagram Account through UiPath.

Hello, community,

I have recently published a package which wraps the Instagram Graph API (official Instagram API) in UiPath easy to use and flexible activities.

What can you do with Instagram Graph API Activities?

  • Retrieve data about Instagram users (Followers count, Follows count, Media count, Biography, Website, Profile Picture etc.)

  • Retrieve data about published photos and videos (No. of Likes, No. of Comments, Caption, Media URL, Instagram Link, Timestamp etc.)

  • Get insights at user and media level (Profile View, Reach, Impressions etc.)

  • Get statistics about the audience of an Instagram user (Audience Country, Audience Age, Audience Gender)

  • Moderate/reply/delete comments

  • Discover hashtagged media (Top Media, Recent Media, Recently Searched Hashtags)

How to get started?

  1. Follow the steps in InstagramGraphAPI.Activities - Get Started.pdf (111.5 KB) in order to set up the prerequisites.

  2. Watch this video guide on how to use each activity. It also includes some ideas of possible use cases.

  3. Start automating your Instagram Account.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case of any questions or suggestions of improvement! :slight_smile:

These activities were ‘born’ as a result of UiPath Custom Activities Hackathon. In this way, I would like to thank @Anil_Patel, @DeanMauro and the whole UiPath team for their initiative and guidance.
I encourage you all to give a try to UiPath’s Activity Creator as it is an amazingly easy to use and powerful tool.


that sound really fascinating…i will surely try and let u know. thanks in advance

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Hello, community,

I have just built a demonstrative robot which implements the Instagram Graph API Activities:

AI-powered Instagram Scraping Bot w/ UiPath & Azure

How does it work?

First, it retrieves Instagram photos from @earthpix through Instagram Graph API activities.
Then, it generates humanlike descriptions for each photo, using Azure Cognitive Services.

Pretty interesting results, I’d say. What’s your opinion on the accuracy?

(*) Opening the images in the browser and writing to Notepad is done purely for visual impact.

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Hey! this is incredible! im trying to learn Uipath to help scale my agency, How can i use this to Automate following and unfollowing on instagram and liking certain posts on hashtags?

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