Instability bug or C# vs. VB or am i missing something?

Hi, this may sound too general with little specifics but i just want to share my experience so far. I am amazed at how unstable my UiPath is. i will often have processes which worked very well with no problems one day even after running it over 20x in a day and then when i open and run the same process again the next day, it gives error messages at the first run even without changing any code or setups…

though i have a few, i can only recall now one example :

  1. gmail move file in : just doing a simple move message from one folder to another : i get timeout exception.

i remember this started happening when at one point i changed one of my other process (not this gmail) to C# when i always use only VB in all processes.

Does this one time singular switch has any contribution to instabilty of my codes ?

if not, what is potentially causing the messiness? settings? any ideas?

appreciate quick help on this.

Since you did not alter the code I would expect that the issue is on the remote configuration. Maybe your Gmail folder structure changed, or that your credential setup changed.