Insights Table Grouping

How to perform the Insights table grouping ?

Table Regrouping: If Insights has performance issues due to the number of processes being ingested, then there is a need to enable table grouping.

Enable white listing and table grouping by performing the below steps:

  • Try uploading a sample grouping using the IT Security processes
    • See TableGroupingTest.json on the Insights desktop
  • Verify which processes needed to be white listed.
    • Look at the NumCustomFields entry and search for any process where the value is greater than 1.
    • Then filter that for only unique names.
    • Turn that into an excel file
    • Now create your own grouping
  • Understand when white listing is needed and when it is not. White listing is only needed for processes that use the custom log field activity (and that they finish the automation with that activity). Read more on Adding Custom Data To Insights .
  • Create a list of the processes that have custom fields and for the ones needing analytics.

If performance issues are noticed, then

  • Remove the white listing for all processes and then re-build the cube for that tenant.
  • Disable the cubes by renaming the data folder that allows to get ECM to run consistently.
  • Enable the IT tenant and rebuild its cube.