Insights - Reporting on Postponed Queue Items

We have a process that a transaction is postponed multiple times while it continues to meet certain criteria. Once four attempts have passed, the transaction is marked successful or fails with a business exception. The bot “works” the transaction, and then based on criteria, the transaction will be postponed or marked failed with a business exception. Is there a way in Insights to capture the “working” of the transactions that were postponed?

hey @ktwil5109, it depends on how you define what it means when the bot does the “work”. Do you have some way of denoting it? Is there a certain condition that you can track from an analytics perspective? A custom log? A queue variable? You can certainly accomplish what you’re looking for if you have a way to surface that the work you’re looking to measure has started.

We currently use the Reference field to note the transaction id. But the transaction is created, it downloads documents and sends an email, transaction gets postponed for 3-7 days. If criteria is met 2nd email is sent, transaction postponed. This stops at 4, and is marked successful after. Anytime the criteria is no longer met that is failed with business exception. It appears the Reference will only be applicable when a transaction is successful or failed. We are trying to capture the actual number of times a transaction was worked.

Do you have logging for any of those criteria being met?