Insights Pulse Alert For Indicator Widgets Does Not Work

Resolution for Pulse Alerts for the ROI Dashboard that are not working and show a Red X and unknown error.

Issue Description: Pulse Alerts for the ROI dashboard are not working and show a Red X and unknown error.


Root Cause: It is either related to a known bug or possible the plugins service is not running or is having issues.

Diagnosing/ Resolving:

  1. This is a bug and can be fixed with the attached zip file (note this was tested with 20.10+)
    1. Copy the zipped file to the Insights machine.
    2. Unzip the folder.
    3. Stop the plugins service
      1. Open services.msc
      2. Find the service "Sisense.Plugins" and stop the service
    4. Make a copy of the folder: C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\inputWidget
    5. Place the copy in a temp folder and not in the same directory as where it exists.
    6. Delete the contents of the inputWidget folder and replace it with the contents of the unziped file.
    7. Restart the "Sisense.Plugins" service.
    8. Login to Insights, and go to the pulse notification that is not working. Delete it.
    9. Go to https://<insights URL>/app/test
    10. Once the "plugins-service" service shows green, recreate the pulse notification.
  2. If the bug fix has already been applied, do the following:
    1. First go to https://<insights URL>/app/test and make sure the plugins-service is running. If it is not running it will show active as "False". It must be in a true (green) state.
    2. If it is not running, open services.msc on the insights machine and restart the "Sisense.Plugins" service.
    3. If the plugin is running, then try deleting and recreating the pulse notification.
  3. If none of the above works, open a ticket with UiPath Support.