Insights Dashboard Tiles Unexpectedly Limited To 1000 Rows

On an Insights dashboard, where the date range is set for 90 days of historical data, which should yield at least 3000 transactions, why does the Insights dashboard tile show a maximum of 1000 rows? There are no row filters set.

Issue Description: All of the Insights dashboard tile queries returning more than 1000 rows, display "1000" items without identifying where the row limit originates.

Root Cause: The default 500 row limit has been explicitly removed from the query, which one expects should return all items fitting the criteria. However, Looker, the backend engine of Insights, imposes an implicit 1000 row limit when no row filter is applied. The maximum number of rows that Looker will display is 5000.

For unpivoted queries returning more than 5000 rows, a maximum of 5000 items will be shown.


  • Apply a filter up to the 5000 row limit displays accurate data.
  • Leaving the row filter blank will return a maximum of 1000 rows.