Insights Dashboard Shows: Unknown Error

How to handle when the Insights Dashboard shows: Unknown Error ?

Issue Description : Dashboard widget shows: Unknown Error.


Diagnosing / Resolving :

  1. If a build is occurring, it could be that the dashboard cannot be displayed why the build is occurring. This is rare and typically will go away after a minute or two. In a case like this, typically all dashboards will show the red X.
  2. If the issue persists, login to Orchestrator and then go to the following URL: https://<insights URL>/app/test
    • All services should show green. If they do not, most likely a server needs to be restarted.
    • Open services.msc and look for all items with the pre-fix 'Sisense'
    • Any service that is set to Automatic and is not running should be started.
    • If a service goes down, the application logs can be checked at C:\ProgramData\Sisense\application-logs. For a given service it will typically have corresponding log. If a service went down, the starting point for diagnosing would be these logs.
    • Alternatively, if the machine was restarted, it could be that the service was slow to start and Windows killed it.
  3. If everything showed green, go to http://localhost:3030 and select the Restart services button. This will restart the services and possibly fix any service related issue.
  4. If restarting the service fixes the issue, but it re-occurs, it would be best to open a support ticket with UiPath. It is also worth trying to restart all Sisense services.
  5. If the issue is with one specific widget, most likely the issue is that an invalid formula was used.
    • Login to Orchestrator
    • Go to https://<insights URL>/app/main#
    • Find the dashboard with the problematic issue.
    • Try recreating the specific widget that is failing.
  6. Additionally, from the dashboard page within insights, try clicking the 'info' icon for the widget.
    • image.png
  7. Capture the error message and share it with support if it is unclear what the issue is
  8. For the specific error: Unexpected token 'CASE' in FunctionParameters definition. can happen when the an asterix is used with out spaces.
    • For example it could occur with the following formula:
      • CASE
        WHEN(sum([ProcessId],((( all([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]) *dupcount([ProcessId]) -([Total RuntimeInSeconds]/60) )) /60)*all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost])) < 0) THEN 0
        ELSE sum([ProcessId],((( all([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]) *dupcount([ProcessId]) -([Total RuntimeInSeconds]/60) )) /60)*all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost]))
    • Notice that there are no spaces around the '*' character
    • If this is encountered, try adding spaces or try recreating the widget.