Insights Custom Table

Do we need to rebuild the cube after adding or removing tables from the whitelist to reflect the change?

Hi @Michelle_Yurovsky - would you be able to help? :slight_smile:

Yes I can! @Hafeez_Niyaz1 you should see the updates after the next cube build, so sometime 15ish minutes after the last time it built. There shouldn’t be any manual cube rebuilds required from you

@Michelle_Yurovsky thank you. Also, i noticed data ingestion to insights fail if transaction schema of a queue is updated. does this mean it would require a manual clean rebuild every time when we have a change in transaction schema?

it should update the schema automatically. however, if there is a change it can fail the build until the schema update takes place. builds failing on schema refresh is expected though, the cube should recover on its own over the next few build schedules.

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