Insights Build Failure: Schema of the requested table has been changed

Insights build failure is occurring with error: Schema of the requested table has been changed

Issue Description:

Insights build is build is failing with the error "Schema of the requested table has been changed".

Root Cause:

In some circumstances the log schema for a specific table in insights may change. When this happens, a build could fail. Insights should eventually recover from this but sometimes it may take a few tries to fix the build. Additionally, there have been a few minor cases where the insights did not recover. This was seen in 19.10 and as of writing this our developers are looking for a fix.


  1. Login to Orchestrator
  2. Go to the following URL: https://<insights URL>/app/data
  3. Select the failing build cube.
  4. Run a build. Once the build fails, check the errors. It should list a table that caused the build to fail.
  5. Find the table on the right hand side and then select delete. The table should be under the UiPath Analytics data source.
    • If for example the schema change was related to a table called Process-CustomLogInfo-1 it would be deleted as shown in the screenshot below. (Click the 3-dotted icon to see the option to delete)