Insights Admin Tool: Could Not Set Up Tenant XXXXX

How to handle when the Insights Admin Tool completes with the message: Could not set up tenant XXXXX ?

Troubleshooting Steps :

  1. Under C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Tools will be a file called log.txt. Open it up to see what the error is.
    • If the log is not present, it means the user running the tool did not have permissions to write in that folder. Running the tool as an admin will allow the tool to generate a log
  2. The tool will not fail if one step fails, so search for 'Error'
  3. Sometimes it is a good idea to delete or rename the old log and rerun the tool to get rid of noise from previous attempts (the log is always appended to the file).
  4. Once the error is captured, try searching in UiPath Support KBs or share the log with UiPath Support to help identify the issue.