Insights 21100 Looker Fails to initialize due to expired license

Looker fails to Initialize on Insights 21.10.0 Install.

The Looker License file that was deployed with the 21.10.0 image has expired and we have to update the license files.

We can either upgrade to Insights 21.10.1+ or do the following:

In order to update the files we should do the following.

  1. Validate that the issue is indeed the Looker License expired.
    1. This affects 21.10.0 currently. 21.10.1 and later have correct license file
    2. docker exec -it looker-container bash (to connect to looker container)
    3. cd workdir and the error log should be named lookererr
    4. An easy way to view this log is to copy the file from the workdir directory to the .deploy folder (ex. cp /workdir/lookererr /app/.deploy)
    5. The .deploy folder is like the bridge between Insights and Looker Containter (files in .deploy appear in _insights folder in windows)
    6. When viewing the lookererr file you should see something along the lines of
    7. If this is the issue, continue to Resolving Looker License Expired.

  1. Resolving Looker License Expired
    1. Copy the looker.license and looker.license.md5 files to _insights folder.
    2. They will appear in the .deploy folder in looker-container
    3. Copy the files to two locations /app/looker.license, /app/looker.license.md5 as well as /app/workdir/looker.license, /app/workdir/looker.license.md5
    4. Example cp /app/.deploy/looker.license /app/looker.license
    5. Example cp /app/.deploy/looker.license.md5 /app/looker.license.md5
    6. example cp /app/.deploy/looker.license /app/workdir/looker.license
    7. example cp /app/deploy/looker.license.md5 /app/workdir/looker.license.md5
    8. exit out of the exec session with docker using exit or ctrl c
    9. Run a docker restart looker-container
    10. The updated license should be in place and Looker should initialize again.