Insight Installation Fails after password reset from Orchestrator

Insight Installation Fails after password reset from Orchestrator, as the password does not get propagated to dbo.users table, when it is reset after the first login to Orchestrator.

Steps to Reproduce.

1) Install Orchestrator with "Reset at First login " checked, as shown in the screenshot below.



2) Log in to Orchestrator, and it will ask the user to reset the password.

3) The new password is not propagated to dbo.users


Error :- With the above scenario, when we try to install Insight the validation would fail at the steps where Insights tries to authenticate the Orchestrator endpoint using the "Host" Username and Password. 


Workaround:- Reset the password from the profile section in Orchestrator, which gets propagated to both dbo.users and identity.aspnetusers table and then the validation would happen