Insertion of datatable variable into database

I am reading a csv file separating by commas, the amount of columns in csv is the same amount in the database table, my doubt is as follows, how do I insert into the database being that in only one variable is all data? could someone show me an example? I am sending the csv file to get easier

output.xls (23.5 KB)


There’s an activity dedicated to inserting values to a table. The great thing about it is that is makes use of a DataTable object - something that Read CSV (or Read Range, in my case) outputs. Assuming the same number of columns exist in your table, there is nothing else for you to configure.


I understood, thanks for the help.
Is it possible to read the csv file and impute the data in the database even though I know that there are characters in the csv file like (~ Ç), and in the database column there are no characters?

would I be able to do a check and give a replace so the csv columns are exactly the same as the database?

Hi @Beatriz

If your data has characters like you mentioned, you can do a replace before you insert the data to the database.

Use a for each row activity.
Loop through your datatable
Within the loop have a assign activity and do a string.replace to replace special characters… Example code for that is