Inserting DataTable with spaces in column in Access


I have a DataTable with columns that match my Access table.
Now, I try to use the Database - Insert activity to insert this DataTable into the Access table.
The error that comes back is as follows:

Access Form - Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression

The thing is, when I debug the OleDB driver, I can see that UIPath does not put square brackets around the column names when inserting the data. This is required when having spaces in the column name.
This should be a bug report and I would like to see it fixed, or know a workaround for it.


Hi All,

We are getting “Invalid Column name” error message while using Insert activity for inserting data from data table to database when the database table has space in its column name.

Please help us to resolve the issue.



Any Status on this? Current workaround is to use execute non query component using parameters. Though when handling large set of data, insert datatable is the best option.