Inserting a Table in email body

hi team ,
i have a scenario where i have to insert a table in the body of the email by using send SMTP activity kindly find the attachment for your reference
please suggest a approach
and if u send a xaml file … it is more easy to me

Hi @Nikhil_Katta

Check out this thread. It might help you.

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You can use create html content activity and output of that can be used in body field with isbodyhtml checked

In create html content you can add tables formatting et required for whole of your body

A video detailed


Hi @Nikhil_Katta

Simply you can try with Create HTML Content activity


Please find the below xaml for your reference (164.8 KB)

I hope it helps!!

There are tons and tons of posts on how to do this, you should use the forum search feature.

Hi @Nikhil_Katta

Use the create html content activity to create the table with html content. In this activity you can create whole body of the mail. The output of this activity saved in a variable let call it Mailbody.

In the send outlook mail message activity in the body option pass the Mailbody variable which contains the html body and in properties check the IsBodyHtml option then the body of the mail will take the html content as the mail body.

Check the below image to understand the workflow.

Check the below image to get the option of IsBodyHtml option in send outlook mail message activity.

Hope it helps!!

thanks for replying … but here iam not using outlook activites … im using only smtp

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Create html content is a separate activity…can use to create body for any type of email…even in smtp we can use it


Then use the send smtp mail message activity, pass the create html content activity output variable in the body of the send smtp mail message activity and in the properties check the IsBodyHtml option.

IsBodyHtml option is available for this smtp activity too.

Hope you understand!!

bro … i understand what u r telling … but i want html content … to create a table like this