Insert value into database error

How to solve this error.


The arguments you specified in the query should exactly match the Parameters you pass both in name and datatype.
For the query,
Update PurchaseOrderLineItems Set Status = @paramStatus where ID=@paramID

hi @Madhavi Thank you for solution it’s worked.Will you tell me how to dump this data into database. In my database table wrong values are inserted. I want to enter diffrent values.
Following is my query

“INSERT Into dbo.FlipkartData
(’@Names’, ‘@Numbers’, ‘@Ratings’)”

My table is like below

But I want insert scraped data into database scraped data is in excel file.sample1.xlsx (9.1 KB)

following is my code structure
flipkartDataToMySql.xaml (17.9 KB)
will you please help me

@swapnali1 remove ‘’ from your parameters.
"Insert into FlipkartData ([Names],[Numbers],[Ratings]) VALUES (@Names, @Numbers, @Ratings)”

@Madhavi ok. I will try

After removing " I got following error

Can you please add your table schema and a screenshot displaying the parameters you are passing?