Insert string excel counter

I have a string “Money” and I want to insert it in column “k” of an excel only in the rows that have data, try a counter but only insert me once


and this is the excel where I want to insert it in both rows but without specifying the range since it can vary


Let’s go one I’m by one
—first the FOR EACH ROW loop will iterate based in number of rows in the datatable UnionFinal which is passed as input
So if that datatable has only one it will iterate only for one row or if it has more than the number of rows in our excel where we are going to enter Themis “Money” value then that would also be a problem
So ensure that once

Next this the value of K should be defined with default value as 2 in the variable panel as the first row is header the actual row starts from K2

If these changes were validated then this would work as expected

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Ivan_torres_oliva

yes it work

Cheers @Ivan_torres_oliva

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