Insert step inserts records into database table twice

Created a data table and tried to insert records into database table using “Insert” activity. It reports records affected as the correct number but inserts twice the number of records in database table (duplicates)

Hi @R.J_Narayanan
Is insert statement used twice or manually inserted


It is used only once as activity and gets executed only once. It is not in any loop.

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RJ Narayanan

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can you send the screen shot of your workflow or can you upload the XAML

Insert activity is inside the try catch activitiy

  1. try block has only insert activity or has other activity?
  2. what did you include in catch block same query again?

this is just a suggestion: Execute query will return you the data table which directly you can use to write the excel file hope in build data table you are not pushing the out put of the EXECUTE query.

Try catch block has one insert activity and nothing else. Catch just catches system exception and does nothing (empty)