Insert pivot table in mail body

My today’s query is to insert pivot table in mail body with same format and colour given in sheet.
I try many times but not received any output.

please help me out to solve this problem.

here I am attach the file for your reference.
pivot.xlsx (24.5 KB)

Hi @lakshya_garg1
Please read pivot table and then change into html body and give css according your requirements.

Here I am sharing datatable to html string.

Please read excel file store datable and pass that datable to this module. Then it will return html string that pass to email body.

it’s not working

Hello @lakshya_garg1

You can use Create Html content activity.

How to use Create HTML Content activity to add tables and images to email body in UiPath? | AutoBot


I already use it, this only create table not fill colour as required.

If it is possible to create code for me because I have to submit my project urgently.

If some one help me then it means alot for me.

For the color again you need to replace the html tags with the formatted tags.

For that, you can use the Replace method.