Insert invoice to SAPB1

I will very much appreciate it if someone could tell where I can learn how to insert invoice to SAPB1.
our SAPB1 is on the server and we work via RDP.
I didn’t find any resource in Uipath courses.
thank you

if your invoice scanned document you need to use 3rd party ocr technology, (abbyy for example)

and ifnyou work base on remote access and can not to install uipath directly in the server so you need to use computer vision activity that is new technology has been provide by uipath

so if I want to use it for different rdp , I need to install
something in each rdp or I can use the process via my pc,?
the process= insert pdf(invoice) from the rdp to SAPB1.
UIPATH install on my pc not on the RDP.
so it is possible?
Thank you

Yes its is possible.

Use this plugin