Insert image/logo in pdf

I want insert a image/logo in pdf document at the top left corner.
I am using "copy image from from clipboard " in pdf and then using click with X and Y coordinate to achieve, but this is not at all reliable.
Can you suggest any other way.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Raju_Balla,
Is the same working manually? If yes try to use “simulate type” attribute on Send Hotkeys activity.

HI Pablito,
it is working manually. now it is working normally. I have an other question.
I refered " Identifying UI Elements in PDF With Accessibility Options" documented and tried to change the adobe reader settings. uiexplorer identify elements correctly. but when i relaunch the reader again, uiexplorer do not identify individual elements.
does it mean, these settings has to be done every time you launch adobe reader. i am using acrobat reader 19.02 version.
Thanks In advance

Is the option in Adobe Reader switching back to previous settings?

sorry for the very late reply @Pablito,
Yes, the options are switching back to previous settings.

This would mean that problem is located in Adobe rather than in Studio. If you are changing settings in Adobe it should keep it.

Saw your issue, if don’t mind you can try insert image/logo in pdf using another alternative PDF editor software to add in image in to your Software. You can refer this source to learn the way to insert image or logo in to PDF. I hope it can help you alot!