Insert generated number in a column

Hello Forum,
How can I add in a column from excel generated numbers?
Column is already created.


Can you please tell or show a screenshot of what is needed


This is a column that shows random numbers from 25 to 1000.



so you want to get the column from excel, or you have already created the column within studio and just want to add into a datable?

I already added a column with studio. And I need to insert generated numbers in this column.


Can you give some examples? So we can have better idea about your requirement

This is my personal project. I’m just learning how to do things in studio. I have inserted in column cars names, next column (column “B”) is for car plates number generated by random.



If you are working with a data table try using “add data row” activity

  • use a for each “item” in excel file (file with the generated numbers)
    -add item row:
    array row use variable set before if in a column with header use vaiable(“column header”).ToString
    data table the variable you used to define your data table

Hi, thank you for your response.
Can you show me how exactly?


this video might help you better than text explaining

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