Insert first day of the last month and last day of the last month in a worklow (SAP)

Hi all, i’m quit new and trying to build a worklow. Please check my followin screenshot:

First I started my workflow in uipath

Now I would like to insert always the first day of the previous month and also the last day of the previous month.


How can I handle that? I guess I have to create some variabels in my workflow before, and insert them somehow, but I dont know how and with which acitivities. As you notice I am a bit lost.

Thank you for any help.


have a look here:

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Hi Peter,
thank you! But how can I include it in my Workflow?


Which activity I have to add after my last “Click” activity that it will work?

Do I have to create variables first? An then insert them in the worklow somehow?

Thank you!!

define the variables (both of datatype string)

use an assign for setting the values e.g.
strFirstDayLMOnth = new DateTime(now.Year,now.Month, 1).AddMonths(-1).toString("dd.MM.yyyy")

strLastDayLMonth = new DateTime(now.Year,now.Month, 1).AddDays(-1).toString("dd.MM.yyyy")

for setting the dates in SAP giva try on using a Type Into activity along writing the corresponding variable e.g. strFirstDayLMOnth