Insert Excel Chart To Powerpoint Placeholder (Cropped)

Hey Community,

I am currently trying to create a report based on a template powerpoint which contains named placeholders.

  • I have a VB script that exports all graphs from a excel workbook to named images
  • I want to put each image to a defined placeholder in a powerpoint file (by name)
  • The UiPath Powerpoint Package includes a method to insert an image into a named placeholder
  • This package does now provide options for cropping, as e.g. Autofit
  • If coding the image insert on my own, I can’t get it to work properly. My VB script only allows to insert images into each placeholders one-by-one, not by a specific placeholder name
  • I developed a python script that works perfectly, but integrating python into this robot is not depicting an ideal solution

Also I did not find any solution for copying(!) a graph object to powerpoint, so to make it editible in powerpoint.

Could somebody provide some advice here?

Best regards

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Hey @BennyS

As you are already saying, Powepoint activity package has the ability to do the same.

Could you please say why you are not okay to use the same ?

Also integrating Python script with UiPath is possible using - About the Python Activities Package

The above should give you an idea, If you already tried this and have some specific issue - Kindly share the same for having a look.


Hello @Nithinkrishna ,
thank you for your response!

Not complete, I experience two downsides in the powerpoint activity package:

  • Performance (python is approx. 10x faster because of background operations)
  • Most important: Powerpoint Activities do not have any auto-fit or crop function for the inserted images. I can quickly code that on my own in python.

I prefer not to move to python, however, because the correct python environment then has to be installed on each robot machine. My way to do this would be to compile the python script, but the downside here is the resulting binary file size.

Yep so you want to go with which method…