Insert data table into an existing file


So I have this excel file and I need to insert its data into an existing file (columns A to N). See sample below.

My data table:

File where I will insert my data table (Column A to N)


There are two options to try, start both by including an excel application scope with the path of your file.

The first option is a write range activity and set the sheet and starting cell appropriately.

Second option is append range activity if you need to add in more data over time. Set the sheet accordingly and the data table will always be added below the last filled cell starting from column “A”

you can try something like below:
Read range existing file >> var_dt
dim rowNum As String
rowNum = (Cint(var_dt.Select().Where(function(rw) Not String.IsNullorEmpty(rw(0).ToString)).Count + 1).ToString
Write Range> CellAddress > “A” & rowNum >> yourDt


I think you will need to write this cell by cell…