Insert Data into a Cell before the specific E-mail. The sheet was filtered

Hi all,

I am using the for each loop and get row items to get the list of people’s E-mail address in a spread sheet.

The problem I am facing is after I get the E-mail address at Column.B how can I insert the data (e.p: The person’s ID) to Column.A if the E-mail is match? (The table was filtered so there will be hidden rows)



ForEach row in DataTableName

Assign index = DataTableName.rows.indexof(row)+2

If row(“ColumnB”).toString = requiredEmail
then use Write cell to write into Column A
here, Range = “A”+index.toString
value = Person’s ID

Lakshman Ganta.

Dats Great! Thanks!

Sorry, After I Assign the index there’s an error says: “rows is not a member of string”. How can I solve this problem?


Could you please send me your workflow and will check.


Flowchart.xaml (12.5 KB)
Here’s the workflow. I made it simple. The one I am working on is too painful to watch.


I modified your workflow and please find the same.

Here, Rows is a member of DataTable. eg: DataTablename.Rows.indexOf(row)+2

Flowchart.xaml (12.6 KB)

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