Insert data from excel to MS SQL which contains date,Decimal and Text fileds in SQL

Hi Team,

My source file(excel) contains text,Date and Decimal fields , i need to import this data into MS Sql server. Even in the server table has been already created (contains nvarchar,date and decimal fiels in sql table). Please can any one guide me how to upload this excel data into SQL server, If you send xaml file or provide clear explination really it would be a great help.Thanks in advance

Hello rakeshadn

Are you manipulating excel data before inserting into MS SQL sever? If not then why are you using UiPath? There are few direct options provide by MS to import data from excel as follows:

  • Check SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
  • The BULK INSERT statement
  • BCP

If you are processing data in UiPath, please provide more details

Hi pavan, i am clensing this data by using excel options, now i want to import this data, i need to automate it, its a high priority, pls can any one help me out on this

Offcoure we can do it by import export wizard,then what is the use of having database activities in Ui path, if we are not able to upload excel source data(text, date and decimal fields) into sql?