Insert column Name and Value in dt1 to dt2


i have two datatable dt1 and dt1

i want to insert the Column name and value…

For example…
dt1 have 130+ columns and 500+ row of data
dt2 have 10+ Columns and 500+ row of data

dt3 (Output) dt2 columns insert into dt1 columns based on index no or columns before and after…Similary dt1 and dt2 having same columns 3 to 4 column name.

Please suggest…


HI @Shyam_Pragash

If possible can you share the sample excel files?


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

Attached Excel file for reference…
dt1.xlsx (9.9 KB)
dt2.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Expceted Output as dt3
Expected Output.xlsx (9.9 KB)


Hi @Shyam_Pragash ,

It does look like you want to Update the values in DT1.xlsx based on the values in DT2.xlsx.

But however, we do not see a proper Linkage between the two tables.

Was the SM Name in DT1.xlsx supposed to be populated with names such that we can compare and update the values from DT2.xlsx. Currently, the SM Name is xxx for all rows in DT1.xlsx.

It doesn’t provide us with a Concrete Matching Logic.

Let us know if you have made a Typo in the excel files and if so, please do send the corrected ones.

Hi @supermanPunch

“SM Name” is Name of Cutomers is must unquie between two columns.

unfortunately i marked as “xxx”… Same Data in dt1 and dt2 SM Name…