Insert blank cell or Null value into the terminal session

I created an excel file with data, and am trying to use set field at position to insert data from excel into my terminal session (similar to a data entry process).

As there is a column that there might have value or might not have (eg. there are some blanks rows in that particular column)

I realized that my coding would stop executing and show the below error when there is a blank cell.
Set Field at Position: Terminal error: Error

But it is working as expected if the cell contains value.

Anyone knows how could I solve this issue?

add filter datatable activity and filter by value not empty

Hi @irahmat
Thanks for the response,
But I would still need to do data entry of other columns at the same row, if I use filter by value not empty, it would filter the entire row of value right?

yes correct.

or you wrapped it by try catch.

Do you mind to further explain on this please?

I don’t mind. please explain here.