Insert a picture to email body



What is the use case

In some of the projects, we require to send a custom email where we have to insert a picture into the email body. The picture is dynamic, might change as per the scenario. Eg : User asked to send a screenshot of the error embedding to email.

UiPath currently don’t have a facility to alter the html body of the email.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

Current solution which I’m using :

Steps :

  1. Create an html code with the picture
  2. embed HTML code into the body of email.
  3. Attach the same image to the email (7.9 KB)

I also have an Excel macro to do the same work.

Scope: Template, Reusable Component, Custom Activity______

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • Application Connector
  • Data Connector
  • RPA Documentation
  • Machine learning model
  • Dashboard

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