Inquiry about creating a project


I am trying to understand the differences between the workflow in assignment 1 and 2 in Level 3 and imaging what we need to do when creating a project workflow using the ReFramework.

I am taking one part of the First Run inside the Init workflow from the 2 assignments,

This is the getting hash value - assignment 1

This is the performer workflow for generating yearly report - assignment 2

This is the dispatcher workflow for generating yearly report - assignment 2

I understand that all the workflow is included in assignment 1 so the First Run will be more activities than the assignment 2. However, during the exam and when we want to create a project using the ReFramework, taking into account we do not have the PDD to guide us. If one of the activity, in the picture would be the invoke activity is missing then we will getting error.

I am think that it might be difficult to use ReFramework to create project since they are many think need to take into account and configure. So, it might take more time to complete the whole project.

What is your opinion/advise?

@Sam_Kong - You have to create 2 different projects for this using REF. I have attached PDD for your reference. pls follow the steps and enjoy programming!
Generate_Yearly_Report_Walkthrough_Short.pdf (977.7 KB)

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This PDD is available for everyone that can access to the studying material in Uipath official website.