Inputting my list into a Data Table -- Need help!

Hello everyone!

I know this has been posted before but no matter what forum I view, I can’t seem to fix my problem.

So basically, I have made a bot that scrapes data from a data table on a website and adds it to a collection (aka list.)

As you can see in my workflow below, I have got up to the point right after adding all 31 of my numbers on to a list. Now, I need to take that list and add it on to a new Data Table.

However, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it right… please help!
Thank you :slight_smile:

PossibleTargetScraping.xaml (11.8 KB)

I posted an answer to a similar question here: Input dialog box options from datatable - #2 by Anthony_Humphries

The use case is different, but the workflow posted converts a data column to a list of strings.

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@Anthony_Humphries But what I’m trying to do is the opposite I believe; I’m trying to insert a list of objects on to each row of a data column.

@Anthony_Humphries Can you Explain what you want to Achieve , because, i found that you’re Extracting a Datatable and Converting a Column into a List and Again Converting it into a Datatable, Any Specific Reason :sweat_smile:

@GTowerz Here is an example of how to get a list into a datatable. (15,3 Ko)

@supermanPunch My example from the other post converts the table to a list; then converts the list to an array, since the Input Dialog activity accepts arrays for the list of options. I use a list for flexibility, but an array could be used if the number of items inserted is known beforehand.

@Anthony_Humphries Oops Sorry I tagged the Wrong person :sweat_smile: