Inputting data from one spreadsheet to specific cells in another spreadsheet


I recently scraped data from a website and was able to input it into a blank spreadsheet. However, I was wondering if there is a way to scrape data from a website and put it in a spreadsheet that already exists in specific cells.
For example, I need to scrape the name of a client that corresponds with an order number, into a master spreadsheet where the order number is already there (with a lot of other data) and put it in the correct cell.

I am able to get all of the data (client name and order number) and put it in a new spreadsheet, but the only way for me to get the client name in the correct cell on the master spreadsheet is to copy and paste each client name to the proper place.

Is this even possible through UiPath??? Anything at all that would help with this process would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

@gcriv2 First do rows count in the master spreadsheet and after scraping data from website using write cell activity in the range pass rows count

@indra is “read row” the same thing as “rows count”? I don’t have the option to “rows count”
thank you for the reply!

@gcriv2 sorry for unclear explanation rows count can be done by using assign activity

                             assign RC = mastersheetdatatable.Rows.Count

now you can pass this RC value to write cell activity range

@indra no problem, I appreciate the help! So I would first start with assign (like you specified), then I would do the webscraping of the data that I want, then would I put the output as this as well? I apologize for needing further explanation as I am fairly new to UiPath.

@indra so sorry to need more explanation but if you could give me a step-by-step of what you mean I would really appreciate it!
or if anyone else knows the full process of this please help me!