I want to put condition on this after condition is satisfied given a input correspondence to the particular percentage rate how can i do it.


Is it a form where u want to add condition
Some other application where u want to include condition along the workflow

Cheers @praveen5

I have put the condition on Rate column to match the percent rate according to that i have to give input to correspondence Taxable value


Use extract datatable which will extract the data…and also when you use in loop , loop index will give you the row index or idx that you want to use

and comparison value cna be picked from first column


i have use the extract table data and it match the data from the excel but i could not target the correspondence input field where i i want to enter the data by use of type into activity it only target the same field. It should be target according to particular gst rate.


For that you need to use tabelrow property nd table col property in selector and add variables to them to change based on row