Input Text jumps to last column of an SAP Table

I’m automating a sequence in an SAP GUI, and I need to select and click on a table row in a large table. I successfully open the filter (using click-text OCR) but when I try to enter data into the filter field of the desired column, the click-text (with offset) works properly yet the subsequent type into command somehow moves the focus to the LAST cell in that row.
A bug or am I doing something wrong?

Path to recreate: (example)
Transaction Solman_Workcenter -> technical monitoring -> system monitoring -> Filter -> try to write something into the first cell of the resulting filter row.

I resolved this issue, and perhaps discovered a bug in the process.
Resolution: For the Type Into activity, I was selecting ‘Empty Field’ by force of habit, but if I unselect that option, the type into targets the proper cell I had selected. This is acceptable since the Filter Row always is empty when opened.
Possible Bug: this needs confirmation from other users, but I believe to see that using a Type Into on a cell in a SAP GUI Table with the ‘Empty Field’ option causes the input cursor to jump to the end of the Row. Watch out for that one!