Input string was not in correct format for NULL value in queue

Hi ,
If the value is above or equal to 80 or empty in queue the bot need to do some different action in website . When we have value in queue the bot is doing the job…

but if it is empty . we are getting “input string was not in correct format”. Kindly suggest.

Ex : Technology variable Value : ( type string)

If statment to do different action based on the value from queue

Tractions in queue:

try this


Hi Jack,

If it is above =80 OR EMPTY… The bot has to select NA in website drop down ( pleas refer below screenshot)

if it is NOT Empty then the bot is selecting the respective selection properly.

But it is throwing error only when the VALUE is EMPTY in queue.

because if cost = nothing, your technology variable = string.empty

so Convert.toInt32(Technology.toString) will throw error because technology = string.empty

you can replace string.empty with something that can be parsed as integer e.g. “0” or “999999”

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Hey @Sathish_Kumar_S

I’m assuming technology variable is holding the value either 80 or empty

Just reverse the condition,

String.IsNullOrEmpty(TechnologyVar) orElse CInt(TechnologyVar) >= 80

Hope this helps



Worked like charm!.. Thank you Nithin

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Cool @Sathish_Kumar_S :slight_smile: :+1:

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