Input Multiple Account Numbers


Hello Experts!

I want to automate it to where it will input each Account Number under “Acct”. I want it to input each number and extract the results of each number put it into a csv file and do the same for all the Acct numbers. I want all the Acct numbers extracted results in one csv file. How would I do this/What activities would I use?



If you don’t need to divide Acct numbers by some categories, you can simply ‘read range’.
Then in ‘for each row’ loop check that the row(1) is number, if yes insert this number with ‘type into’ activity, read output from the site and write it to another data table variable.
In the end simply output this data table in any suitable format.

How would I check if row(1) is a number

row(1)<>"" and row(1)<>“Acct”

Where would I place my read range. I have to first automate it to locate the specific tab i need to go then I input. I am getting this error with my read range