Input Dialog & Message Box

When the User Enters the data in the input dialog activity…automatically Ok Button has to be clicked…& the message box displays the entered content…& has to click on Ok Button automatically…Though i set hot key…unable to click OK…button…automatically…


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These activities are there for a reason. These help in attended automation which requires human intervention.


What Activity can i use instead of input dialog & message box…to get the input from user & display it right away…without clicking on any buttons…

without clicking any button how will you validate the end of expression(ending of input from user).

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use parallel activity

Even Parallel Activity results the same…

Sorry It’s My mistake that i haven’t properly understood your question…

How should the robot identify that user completed entering the data?

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The point @Divyashreem and @pathrudu are trying to make is that there’s no way for your BOT to know when you’re done entering your input data. It might end up pressing “Okay” when you’re still typing.

Also, your BOT can’t automatically click on those buttons on either of the mentioned pop-up boxes. For that, you’d need another BOT to monitor your current BOT, and that won’t be a feasible approach.

As I said earlier, there’s a reason why those activities are the way they are. You use such activities when the automation involves a Front-office/Attended BOT i.e. a BOT that executes on a user’s local workstation and requires some human intervention.

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You can do one thing, use the delay after property or delay activity to give time for user to type input and later continue click ok button as you stated


You may try Callout activity
See here:


you can specify time limit up to which you want to display your message, after that time limit it will automatically closed

please let me know if you are facing issue in this implementation


this can be possible with same bot using parallel activity. click activity in parallel with message box.

please go through below thread


I have worked with ‘parallel activity’ before, and it worked quite well for closing a macro popup that would be generated while the control was at the end of the Excel application scope and would not let the execution stop. But I wasn’t sure if it would work with a pop up generated by UiPath itself while the UiRobot is still running. Interesting! I haven’t seen the workflow yet, but thanks @pathrudu for the valuable information.

I still however don’t see the point of doing that when you have to give a constant delay-before time in case of both the pop ups, especially when you have to input a value.

Try this logic.

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